End of Season Party 2014

With the season’s outstanding end, the Boosters and players gathered on Sunday, May 4th, at Kiwanis Park in Bettendorf to celebrate our successes and say our goodbyes.


There was food, cold, games, cold, prizes, gifts for players and Booster supporters….and did we mention it was a little chilly out there? But our laughter warmed things up as the following end-of-season awards were presented:


Best Game Face — Jordan Mayer
Prettiest Nose — Jim McKenzie
Best Goal Celebration — Justin Fox
Biggest Junk Food “Junkie” — Nick Grasso
Best Smile — Matt Duffy
Biggest Camera Ham — Rosco
Best Hair — Nicholas Rioux and Benjamin Dieudle-Fauvel
Ladies Man — Mike Monfredo
Best Prankster — Drew Kitts
Worst Prankster — JP (Jon Piche)
Best Laugh — Darren McMillan
Best Dresser — Ty Rimmer
Best Nickname — Jeff Lee (“JR”)
Worst Nickname — Matt Boyd (Axe Murderer)
Best Legs — Tyler Yaworski
Most Superstitious — Thomas Heemskerk and Gergo Nagy
Best Facial Hair — Mike Hellyer
Best Social Media Guy — Thomas Frazee
Best Singer — Mike Stinziani
Best Cook — Vlad Nikiforov
Best Dancer — Gabriel Levesque

Two families–Dr. Matt and Megan McKay and Rich and Bobbie Guill–were recognized by the Boosters for their outstanding support.  Wayne Harrison also was presented a gift for his outstanding work as he completes his second year as president of the Mallards Booster Club.

Dr. McKay and Guills
Dr. McKay and Guills

More photos are available at http://mallardsboosters.com/?page_id=621.

Big Booster thanks to the team, the Front Office, Jordan Melville, our sponsors and supporters….and most of all, to our hard-working members, whose contributions of time and donations have made this such a sensational season. Perhaps our biggest compliment came yesterday from team president Bob McNamara, who noted that of all the booster clubs he’s worked with, he’s never seen any group do so much for the players and the organization. Well done, Boosters!!!!